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Product introduction

IOEC high current power relays are designed to switch high currents in a variety of industrial applications. They are available in a range of contact configurations and coil voltages to meet the specific needs of each application. IOEC high current power relays are known for their reliability, durability and long service life. Some of the most popular models of IOEC high current power relays supplied by us include, HA1, HA2,HA3,HA4,HA5, HB series, HC series. These power relays have the capacity to switch currents upto a wide range of amps.

Model Type Appearance
Contact Form Max. Switching
Coil Voltage Terminal Type Mounting Holes
(Bottom View)
Download PDF
HA1 / HA1S

32.3 * 27.1 * 20
1A, 1B, 1C 40A DC: 5~110 PCB HA1-HA1S-mh-052820 Download
HA1 50A

32 * 27.2 * 20
1A, 1C 50A DC: 12~24 PCB HA1-50A-mh-052820 Download
HA2 / HA2L

32 * 27.2 * 28.5
32 * 27.2 * 20.5
1A, 1B, 1C 40A DC: 5~110 PCB
HA2-HA2L-mh-052220 Download
HA3 / HA3L

32 * 27.2 * 28
32 * 27.2 * 20.5
1A, 1B, 1C 40A DC: 5~110 PCB
HA3-HA3L-(B)-mh-052220 Download
HA4 / HA4L

50.2 * 27 * 28
50.2 * 27 * 20
1A, 1B, 1C 40A DC: 5~110
AC: 24~277
QC HA4-HA4L-(B)-mh-052220 Download

50.2 * 27 * 28
1A, 1B, 1C 40A DC: 5~110 QC HA5-(B)-mh-052220 Download

32.5 * 27.6 * 20.5
1A, 1B, 1C 40A 5~110 VDC PCB HA-HAS-mh-0926 Download
High Current Power Relay

28 * 21.5 * 35
43 * 21.5 * 35 (B)
2C, 3C, 4C 7A 5~110VDC
HB-mh-090820-new Download
High Current Relay

28 * 21.5 * 35
43 * 21.5 * 35 (B)
1C, 2C 15A DC: 5~110
AC: 6~240
PCB / Plug-In HC-mh Download
  • High Current Switching Capability : IOEC high current power relays can switch currents up to certain amps, depending on the model.
  • Wide Range of Contact Configurations : IOEC high current power relays are available in a variety of contact configurations that can be used in different terminal types.
  • High Coil Voltage Range : IOEC high current power relays are available with coil voltages ranging from 6 to 240 VAC and DC.
  • Compact Size : IOEC high current power relays are available in a variety of compact sizes to fit into even the most space constrained applications.
  • Rugged Construction : IOEC high current power relays are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.
  • Versatile Applications : IOEC High Current Power Relays find applications in diverse industries including industrial automation, power distribution, transportation, renewable energy and more.
  • Custom Solutions : IOEC specializes in tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements ensuring that customers receive the perfect relay for their needs.
  • Industrial Automation : IOEC relays play a vital role in the control of heavy machinery and manufacturing processes. They ensure the reliable operation of production lines and robotic systems.
  • Power Distribution : They are integral to power distribution systems including substations, where they manage the flow of electricity.
  • Transportation : In the automotive sector, IOEC relays are used to switch high current loads, making them essential for electric vehicles.
  • Renewable Energy : IOEC relays are a key component in renewable energy systems such as wind turbines and solar inverters, where they regulate power flow efficiently.
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