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At Kura Electronics, we supply one of the best quality latching relays and other associated products as required by power and energy industries. Our primary expertise lies in the field of design. We have a strong reputation for excelling in the supply of relays like telecommunication relays,general control relays, sockets and accessories. Within our organization, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements as far as supply of unique products is concerned. We maintain a full fledged quality assurance team and system to ensure that the high quality of every component is maintained.

Product introduction

Latching relays are a specialized type of electrical relay that can maintain their position without continuous power. Unlike standard relays that require a constant coil current to remain energized, latching relays use a unique mechanism to latch into either an ON or OFF state until they receive another pulse of electrical energy to change their state. Latching relays utilize a mechanical mechanism to maintain their state after being switched. They have two stable states namely ON and OFF and can be switched between these states with a pulse of electrical current. These relays are bistable means, they have two stable positions. They do not require a continuous power supply to maintain their state which can lead to energy savings in certain applications.

Model Type Appearance
Contact Form Max. Switching
Coil Voltage Terminal Type Mounting Holes
(Bottom View)
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L2 L2
28.8 * 12.5 * 16
1A, 1B 16A 5~48 VDC PCB L2-mh-0927 Download
L3 L3_Relay
24.0 * 10.0 * 15.8
1A, 1B 20A DC: 3~24 PCB L3-1-coil-mh-111320 Download
39 * 15 * 30.2
1A, 1B, 1C 50A DC: 5~24 PCB L4-mh-090820 Download
LA LA-relay
36.6 * 34 * 17.8
1A, 1B 80A 6~24 VDC PCB LA-mh-360 Download
38 * 30 * 16.5
1A, 1B 90A DC: 5~48 PCB LA6-mounting Download

58.0 * 40.0 * 20.8
1A, 1B 100A DC: 6~24 QC
Screw Fasten
LB-mh-091420 Download
  • Memory Devices : Latching relays are often used in memory circuits, where they store information about state of a device even after a power interruption.
  • Energy Efficient Controls : They are suitable for applications where power consumption needs to be minimized such as in battery operated devices and remote controls.
  • Safety Systems : Latching relays can be used in safety critical systems where maintaining a specific state is crucial even if no there is no power.
  • Telecommunications : These type of relays are used in telecommunication systems to maintain connections and routing.
  • Smart Meters : They are employed in smart meters to record and store energy consumption data.
  • Industrial Automation : Latching relays find applications in industrial control systems and machinery.
Types of Latching Relays
  • Mechanical Latching Relays : These use a mechanical latch to hold the contacts in place.
  • Magnetic Latching Relays : These use a magnetic field to hold the contacts in their required state. operated devices and remote controls.
  • Energy Efficiency : Latching relays consume power only when changing states, making them energy efficient.
  • Reliability : They can hold their state even in the absence of power enhancing system reliability.
  • Compact Design : Latching relays are often available in compact sizes, suitable for compact area applications.
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