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Product introduction

IOEC High power relays are crucial components in a wide range of electronic systems. These are robust and versatile electrical switches designed to handle significant electrical loads. These relays termed as electromechnical devices are engineered to control and manage the flow of high current and voltage, making them indispensable in many industries and applications.

Model Type Appearance
Contact Form Max. Switching
Coil Voltage Terminal Type Mounting Holes
(Bottom View)
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High Power Relay

29 * 12.6 * 24.2
1A 20A 5~48 VDC PCB
High Power Relay

30.5 * 16 * 23.5
1A 25A DC: 3~48 PCB
High Power Relay

30.5 * 16 * 30
1A 25A 3~48 VDC PCB
High Power Relay

30.5 * 16 * 26.5
1A 25A DC: 3~48 PCB Download
CE-P (50A)
High Power Relay

30.5 * 16.0 * 26.6
1A 50A DC: 3~48 PCB Download

50.5 * 34 * 36.5
1A, 2A 30A 6~220VDC
Screw Fasten
  • High Current Handling : These relays are designed to withstand and manage high levels of electrical current, making them suitable for applications where substantial power needs to be switched.
  • High Voltage Compatibility : They can also handle high voltage levels, ensuring safe and efficient operation in various environments.
  • Reliability : High power relays are built for reliability and longevity. They are constructed using durable materials to ensure stable performance over an extended service life.
  • Low Contact Resistance : To minimize power loss and heat generation, high power relays typically have low contact resistance, allowing for efficient power transfer.
  • Switching Speed : Some high power relays can offer fast switching speeds, which is essential in applications requiring rapid response times.
  • Safety Features : High power relays often include safety features such as arc suppression and contact protection to ensure secure and reliable operation.
  • Industrial Automation : These relays are used to control heavy machinery, manufacturing processes and robotic systems.
  • Power Distribution : High power relays play a critical role in managing electrical power distribution in power plants.
  • Transportation : They are used in automotive applications for switching high current loads such as in electric vehicles.
  • Energy Management : They help manage power generation and distribution, contributing to efficient energy management.
  • Renewable Energy : High power relays are essential in renewable energy systems such as wind turbines and solar inverters, for controlling power flow.
  • Telecommunications : These relays are used in high capacity telecommunications systems for signal routing and switching.
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