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Product introduction

IOEC slim relay refers to a type of relay designed to be compact and space saving. Relays are electromechanical or solid-state devices used to control the flow of electrical current in a circuit. They are commonly used to switch high current loads using a low current control signal.

Model Type Appearance
Contact Form Max. Switching
Coil Voltage Terminal Type Mounting Holes
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Slim Relay

20 * 5 * 12.5
1A 5A DC: 5~24 PCB SA-mh Download
  • Compact Size : Slim relays are designed to have a smaller form factor compared to standard relays. This can be useful I n applications where space is limited.
  • Low Profile : They have a low profile or height making them suitable for applications with height restrictions.
  • High Density Mounting : These relays are designed for high density mounting on circuit boards, allowing for more components to be packed into a small space.
  • Standard Functionality : Despite their smaller size, slim relays typically perform the same basic functions as standard relays such as switching electrical circuits on and off.
  • Variability : Slim relays come in various configurations such as electromechanical or solid-state e.g., solid-state relays or SSRs, and they may be available in different voltage and current ratings.
  • Consumer Electronics : Slim relays can be used in TVs, audio systems and other consumer electronics to control power, audio signals or other functions. Their small size is valuable in these applications where space inside the device is limited.
  • Industrial Automation : In industrial automation, slim relays can be used for controlling machinery, conveyor systems and other automated processes. They help in minimizing the space required for control panels and cabinets.
  • Automotive : Automotive applications often require compact relays to control various functions like lighting, wipers, power windows and more. Space is limited in vehicles so smaller relays are preferred.
  • Telecommunications : In telecom equipment and data centers, slim relays can be used for tasks such as signal routing, power management and switching functions.
  • Home Automation : For home automation systems, slim relays can be used to control lighting, HVAC systems and security features.
  • Medical Devices : In medical equipment, where space is often at a premium, compact relays can be used for tasks like controlling pumps, sensors and alarms.
  • Renewable Energy : In solar power and wind energy systems,slim relays can be used to manage the flow of electricity, switching between power sources and controlling loads.
  • Transportation : In trains, buses and other forms of transportation, compact relays are used for controlling various systems such as doors, lighting and air conditioning.
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